Requests for Information

Requests for Student-Related Paperwork and Information

The AMMS Counseling Department requests a minimum of one business day to handle requests for the following:

  • Official transcripts
  • Copies of report cards
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Copies of student records
  • Work permits

Student Recommendations and Evaluations

To better assist in the completion and return of student recommendations and evaluations, please use the following procedure when asking teachers or staff members to complete paperwork related to private schools, sports, medical evaluations, etc.

  1. Bring paperwork to the counseling office.  Include student name, grade level, list of people to provide information.
  2. The counseling office will provide an Authorization to Release Records, if needed, and will distribute/collect the paperwork to/from the appropriate teachers.  We’ll also copy any additional information that may be requested, i.e. test scores, transcripts, discipline records, etc.
  3. Paperwork will be mailed directly to the person, group or school for whom the information is requested.  It will not be returned to the student/parent/guardian.
  4. Please allow at least five business days for all student recommendations and evaluations to be completed.
  5. There is a $5.00 per school fee for private school applications.  This covers the official transcript, plus all copying and mailing expenses.

If you have questions, please contact the AMMS Counseling Office.


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