Counselors’ Corner

If you have questions about studying, please talk with a your grade level counselor or the AMMS Graduation Coach.  You can also follow the AMMS Study Skills blog-

Helpful tips from The Parent Institute…10 Study Secrets of Great Students

  1. Set goals- Goals should be specific, realistic, and measurable within a certain time period.
  2. Plan your time- Start planning with the things that NEED to get done.  Use a calendar or planner.
  3. Study every day- Review your class notes, complete your homework, and keep your materials organized.
  4. Take notes in class- Teachers usually hint at what will be on an assessment so taking notes helps you know what to study.
  5. Review your notes shortly after class- Read through your notes each night.  Follow up with your teachers if you have questions about the material.
  6. Make sure you have the tools you need- Be prepared with everything you need for class.  Keep extra paper/pencils/pens in your locker.
  7. Check the details- Proofread your work, make sure your name is on your papers, and make sure you followed all of the directions.
  8. Get ready the night before- Make your lunch, pack your supplies, pick out what you are going to wear- do what ever you can to make the mornings less hectic.
  9. If you’re working in a group, be willing to do a little more than “your share”- Be sure to meet your responsibilities to your group, and step up to do a little extra when needed.
  10. Turn these positive actions into habits by repeating them for 21 days- Keep up the hard work!  Becoming a great student takes time, but it is worth the effort.



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